Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Life Of Py(rex)!

Last weekend my husband finally installed my new double oven.  Construction of the new kitchen has been a lengthy and trying affair to say the least and although I have been warned that it will need to be disconnected again soon in order to wire in the hob I was so pleased to finally be able to see the oven without it being shrouded in packing.  There it sat in it's housing, all shiny and gleaming!  After a long day working on the kitchen on Sunday we "christened" the oven by cooking pizzas for dinner.  Yesterday I used the oven for a second time to make bread rolls and the top oven came in very useful for proving the dough, particularly as it is so cold at the moment and the dough stubbornly refused to rise at room temperature.  The top oven is a novel feature for me not having had one before.  It was while I was cooking dinner yesterday evening that disaster struck!  I was warming a tinfull of spaghetti in a Pyrex jug and reached into the oven to check how it was coming along.  I picked up the jug by it's handle and suddenly with a loud ping sound the jug exploded into several shards of glass and spaghetti sauce spattered my lovely new oven burning on instantly and dribbled down the new cupboard door.  It couldn't have happened a week ago when we were using the old oven!  Anyway, as the Pyrex jug was a wedding present I guess I can conclude that the life of Pyrex is a maximum of 32 years.  Just to finish this little tale I had to abandon the spaghetti/glass confection and resorted to heating a second tin in a bowl in the microwave.  No problem, you may say!  Oh no, my husband had got there first.  He'd heated a frozen curry shortly before the Pyrex incident.  The curry had heated up then gone off like a volcano in the microwave.  The whole inside of the microwave was spattered with curry, so much so that it is a wonder there was anything left for him to eat, and he'd left it like that without even attempting to clean up.  Result: I spent half the evening cleaning burnt-on goo off appliances.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tonight's meal - wish me luck!


  1. I shall never forget having my parents to stay and had decided to make a chicken casserole. Sadly about 15mins before it was to finish cooking we heard a rather loud pop from the kitchen and on opening the oven door found the casserole dripping all over the inside of the oven. We then had to make do with fish and chips not the impression of capable daughter I'd wanted to create ha ha

  2. At least they were there to witness it happening rather than hearing apocryphal tales of the casserole's demise.

  3. Phew I'm so glad that I don't cook. :-) x

  4. Replies
    1. Now no need for that is there! I'll have you know that I can cook but choose not to (imagine me blowing a big raspberry here). x

  5. Raspberries are good. You don't need to cook them;-)