Friday, 3 May 2013


For Christmas I was given a lovely Jelly Roll and matching Charm Squares.  The Jelly Roll is currently partially made up into a quilt (more on that some other time) but I couldn't decide what to do with the Charm Squares until I was browsing Amazon one day and came across a pattern for a bag.  Of course this meant buying the book the pattern was contained in but you can never have too many books!  Love... Quilting: 18 Simple Step-by-step Projects to Sew  by
Marion Patterson, Sally Ablett and Sue Warren

On Monday I set to work making my bag.  I found some cotton ticking in my box of random fabrics and had just enough for the project.  Little did I know at the time that I was sickening with 'flu.  I thought it was just an inconvenient sniffle but as it turned out it knocked me for six and I remained in bed all day Tuesday and Wednesday and half of Thursday too.  When I finally felt able to resurface I continued with the bag-making and finished it off today.  I'm really rather pleased with it although it will be interesting to see if it can actually hold any weight!

 The front of the bag with it's co-ordinating button concealing the magnetic clasp underneath.
 The back of the bag.
A bright and cheery fabric for the lining!


  1. Got to say very smart love the lining too.

  2. the bag is now stuffed to the brim with sewing and felting kit

  3. Wow I'm impressed - well done you! Sorry to hear about the flu though x