Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It'll Soon Be Christmas

I was very fortunate to be given a charm square pack at the weekend so I decided to make a table runner with it.  I found some very clear instructions by the lady from the Missouri Star Quilt Company on You Tube and set to work.

I began by laying the squares out rearranging them until I was happy with the placement.

Then I stitched them together in rows and pressed them.

I stitched the rows together to make the zigzag runner.

Then I cut some wadding and sheeting fabric for the backing and layered them up.

I sewed around the outside of the runner, leaving a gap for turning, then trimmed the excess wadding and backing fabric and clipped the corners to make it easier to turn right side out.

I turned the quilt the right way out then topstitched all around the outside to make a decorative edging and secure the seams and opening.

Finally I stitched in the ditch to secure all the layers.

The finished table runner, completed in a couple of days.  I think it looks fantastic (it's a bit too long to photograph in one go).

Thank you Dawn for the beautiful gift!


  1. Now I need to find somewhere safe to put it. Somewhere I can remember!

  2. Looks great on your table my better in real life