Monday, 27 February 2012

Froggy Bloggy

The Food Group I belong to has a theme of Cupcakes this week so I've done some preparation and a bit of a practise
I began by making a basic sponge mix
The cakes went in the oven.  I made a cuppa while they baked!
Rising nicely
Ready for the freezer!
Now to practise the design.  I iced the cakes with some blue runny icing
Coloured some fondant icing and cut shapes
Coloured some more fondant icing and moulded it into frogs

My work is done
They look good enough to eat!


  1. Those look fantastic - with you and Dawn talking about cakes I am now feeling fairly peckish :)

  2. So far my blog has been rather biased towards cakey things. Anyone would thing all I do is make cakes. I shall have to put something else on here soon or I'll start to get a reputation (outside my family that is - I'm known as "Auntie Cake" by some individuals!)

  3. stella you have been awarded a Liebster Blog Award see my blog for details shortly