Sunday, 1 April 2012

This evening I've been on another wonderful cupcake decorating course at Stanley's Store in Bovingdon.  I must just say a big thank you to Sarah for her endless patience and wealth of experience and all the equipment she put at my disposal.  Here are a couple of photo's of tonight's creations.

We used a "grass" nozzle to pipe blue buttercream to make the hair of the Cookie Monster then simply rolled white icing and black icing to make the eyes.  Finally we gave him a mini cookie for him to munch on.     For the rose we coloured a small amount of fondant icing and made a rose by making a sausage shape for the centre then made small petals by squashing little balls of icing in a polythene bag.  A quick blast of lustre spray gives it a bit of a twinkle.

For the roses we coloured some icing then used a silicone mould to make the shape.  We dusted the mould with some cornflour or icing sugar then pushed the icing into it.  We eased the rose out of the mould, trimmed it down and added a bit of sparkle with some iridescent edible glitter.      The daisies were simply made using a three part daisy cutter and a tiny blob of yellow icing for the centre followed by a bit of lustre spray to finish them off.  

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